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Port of London Authority Building, Trinity Square, Tower Hill, City of London: sculpture plaque of the poet John Milton

Cooper, Sir Edwin (1873-1942)
NOTES: This is one of ten carved wooden medallions of famous men associated with London adorning the 'Smoke room' on the second floor.

Preliminary sketch of Dante drawing an angel on the anniversary of Beatrice's death for a translation of Dante's 'Vita Nuova', with a sketched head and shoulders portrait of a girl

Rossetti, Gabriel Charles Dante (1828-1882)
NOTES: In 1848, Rossetti translated Dante's 'Vita Nuova' (The New Life) into English and planned a series of pictorial designs to accompany it. The recto of this sheet features the completed drawing.

Royal Victoria Arch, Dundee Harbour: perspective view

Leslie, James (1801-1889)
NOTES: The Royal Victoria Arch was a wooden structure designed by harbour engineer James Leslie and erected in Dundee to commemorate a visit to the city by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1844. It was later replaced by a permanent stone arch designed by John Thomas Rochead and built between 1849 and 1853.

Robert Burns Mausoleum, St Michael's churchyard, Dumfries: perspective

Hunt, Thomas Frederick (1790-1831)
NOTES: Burns died in 1796 and was buried in St Michael's churchyard, but his body was moved in 1817 to the mausoleum built in the churchyard by public subscription. This view is a somewhat idealised view of the monument and its surroundings. See also RIBA85312 for a coloured version of this print.