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Water features

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Elephant House, Whipsnade Zoo: two residents taking to the pool

Lubetkin & Tecton
NOTES: Each of the four Indian elephants was allotted a separate circular unit. The use of top lighting and continuous long windows which could be closed in the winter combined the need for public display with the comfort of the animals. The buildings are relatively small because it was only intended that young elephants should be housed at Whipsnade, the older ones remaining in London. However, larger elephants replaced the original inmates and the Zoo authorities accordingly made some alterations to the buildings.

German Pavilion, Barcelona: courtyard with sculpture 'Alba' by Georg Kolbe

Kolbe, Georg (1877-1947)
NOTES: The German Pavilion was originally built for the International Exhibition 1929. It was rebuilt in 1986.

Cascade, Portmeirion

Williams-Ellis, Sir Clough (1883-1978)

Royal Palace, Caserta: the great cascade

Vanvitelli, Carlo (1739-1821)
NOTES: Luigi Vanvitelli was responsible for the design of the Palace and the gardens which were completed after his death by his son, Carlo Vanvitelli.

First Terrace, Villa Lante, Bagnaia, Lazio

Chiruchi, Tommaso
NOTES: Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola designed the villa and the gardens while Tommaso Chiruchi of Siena was the specialist in hydraulics who engineered all the water features.

Syon House, Isleworth, London: the Great Conservatory

Fowler, Charles (1792-1867)

Clore Gallery extension to the Tate Britain, Millbank, London

James Stirling Michael Wilford & Associates

Electronic Data Systems [EDS], Stockley Park, Hillingdon, London

Arup Associates
NOTES: Arup Associates were the architects and project managers for this development by Stanhope Securities.

Patio de los Arrayanes (Court of Myrtles), Alhambra, Granada: view to the south

SOURCE: Philibert Joseph Girault de Prangey. Monuments arabes et moresques de Cordoue, Seville et Grenade (Paris [1836-1839]), pl. 15