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Pantheon or Dome, Toll House and Battery, Battery Square, Portmeirion

Williams-Ellis, Sir Clough (1883-1978)
NOTES: Battery Square is on the crown of the cliff enclosing the village to the south-west. Part of a group of about ten buildings it is part of the early phase of construction of the resort. The weather-boarded Kentish style Battery was completed in 1927, the Toll House in 1929, while the Pantheon was an addition of 1961.

Round House, Campanile and Government House, Portmeirion

Williams-Ellis, Sir Clough (1883-1978)

Triumphal Arch, Portmeirion

Williams-Ellis, Sir Clough (1883-1978)

Town Hall, Portmeirion: Hercules Hall (or Ballroom)

NOTES: The Town Hall was built in 1937-1938. The windows and plaster ceiling of Hercules Hall both belonged to the Jacobean part of Emral Hall in Flintshire which was demolished in the 1930s. The wood panelling, also from Emral Hall, dates from the 1720s.

Hotel, Portmeirion: the library door

NOTES: The building, originally a Victorian villa, was enlarged and converted into a hotel in 1926. The 19th century library was severely damaged during a fire in 1981 but restored to its former state a few years later.