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Einstein Tower, Potsdam

Mendelsohn, Eric (1887-1953)

Premier cinema, 79-81 High Street North, East Ham, London

Trent, William Edward (1874-1948)
NOTES: Incorporating the former Premier Electric cinema as entrance hall, cafe and lounge area, this cinema was taken over by the Provincial Cinematograph Theatres Ltd (PCT) in 1929. It was renamed Gaumont in 1952 and closed as a cinema in 1963. It reopened as a Top Rank Club for bingo, later renamed Mecca, which closed in 2005. In spite of being a fine example of an early cinema, it was never designated listed status and was demolished in 2009.

Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool: the lantern tower seen from along a flying buttress

Frederick Gibberd & Partners
NOTES: This building comprises three independent types of structure: an in-situ reinforced concrete frame which holds together the main body of the cathedral; the sixteen load-bearing brick or concrete perimeter buildings, and the flat slab of the outdoor podium supported by concrete columns of load-bearing brick walls.

Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool: pyramid of one of the heavy concrete roofs over Lutyens's cantilvered staircase to the crypt in the foreground with the cathedral behind

Frederick Gibberd & Partners
NOTES: In 1930 Sir Edwin Lutyens was commissioned to design the second Roman Catholic cathedral to contrast with the Gothic Revival Anglican cathedral of Giles Gilbert Scott being erected on the other end of Hope Street from 1904. Construction on Lutyens's massive structure began in 1933 but was suspended in 1941 due to wartime restrictions. Work recommenced on the crypt in 1956 and it was completed in 1958. Thereafter Lutyens's design was considered onerously expensive and was abandoned with only the crypt complete.

Bull Ring shopping centre with the Rotunda under construction in the right background, Birmingham

Birmingham. City Architects Department
NOTES: The Bull Ring shopping centre was designed by the Birmingham City Architects Department and built between 1961 and 1964. The Rotunda was designed by James A. Roberts in 1964-1965.

Church in the Hohenzollernplatz, Wilmershof, Berlin

Hoger, Fritz (1877-1949)

Odeon cinema, Court Ash Terrace, Yeovil, Somerset

Weedon, Harry William (1887-1970)
NOTES: Closed as an Odeon and taken over by Classic in 1972, this cinema definitively closed in 2002. The building was converted into 'The Old Cinema Bed and Sofa Store' which opened in 2004. The original exterior remains intact and most of the interior decoration has been retained.

Odeon cinema, Leicester Square, London, seen from the south

Mather, Andrew (1891-1938)
NOTES: Built on the site of the Moorish-style Alhambra Theatre, demolished in 1936, this was the London flagship cinema of the Odeon group, opening on 2nd November 1937.

Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney

Bradfield, John Job Carew (1867-1943)
NOTES: The bridge was designed by engineer J. C. C.Bradfield, with consulting engineer Sir Ralph Freeman and consulting architects Sir John Burnet & Partners.

St Augustine's Church, Kilburn, London

Pearson, John Loughborough (1817-1897)