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Tower houses

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Palazzo della Cancellaria, Rome: grand doorway

Fontana, Domenico (1543-1607)
SOURCE: Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola. Regola delli cinque ordini d'architettura (Siena, 1635), pl. 33

Facade of a domed palazzo incorporating a terrace flanked by a pair of obelisks

Serlio, Sebastiano (1475-1554)
SOURCE: Sebastiano Serlio. Regole generali di architetura (Di Architettura, book IV) (Venice, 1537), p. 58 verso, pl. LVIII

Merchiston Castle, Edinburgh

NOTES: The Gothick facade of the building shown here does not exist any longer leaving the original tower house (ca. 1454) as part of Napier University.

Observatory Tower, Gunton Park (Gunton Hall), Norfolk

Brettingham, Matthew (1699-1769)
NOTES: Erected on Pheasant Hill, one mile north-east of the house, this gault brick tower house was built for Edward, third Baron Suffield, in 1830. The architect is unknown.

Ruins of Acton Burnell Castle, Shropshire

NOTES: This semi-fortified tower house was built between 1284 and 1293 by Bishop Burnell, Lord Chancellor to Edward I. It was abandoned by the mid-17th century.

Half-timbered houses, Marktstrasse, Goslar, Lower Saxony

NOTES: An Imperial Free City, Goslar became a member of the Hanseatic League in the 13th century and enjoyed immense prosperity until the mid-16th century.

Radio City Tower, Houghton Street, Liverpool

NOTES: Also known as St John's Beacon, this radio and observation tower with revolving restaurant was originally built as a ventilation shaft for St John's Market. However, it was never used as such due to a new law passed on the year of completion. After a lengthy period of disuse, it was refurbished in 1999 and reopened in 2000 as Radio City 96.7.