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Copy of an engraving of a tomb by Jacques I Androuet du Cerceau

Androuet du Cerceau, Jacques (fl. 1549-1584)

Sketch design for the Villa Mocenigo, Dolo, and a study of the Tombs of Priscilla and the Orazi, Via Appia, Rome: plans

Palladio, Andrea (1508-1580)
NOTES: This drawing is numbered X/2 recto in the Burlington-Devonshire Collection. The top half of the drawing has a sketch plan for the Villa Mocenigo on the Brenta river at Dolo, whereas the bottom half shows two study drawings of Roman tombs along the Via Appia.

Sketches of the Tomb of Galla Placida, Ravenna: plans

NOTES: This drawing is numbered XI/21 verso in the Burlington-Devonshire Collection. It depicts plans of the Mausoleum of Galla Placida, the sister of Honorius, Rome's last emperor. It also shows plans of other unidentified Roman tombs.

Tomb of a knight, with a 'gisant' below; at right below a drawn out detail

Gentilhatre, Jacques (b. 1578)
NOTES: The kneeling figure is derived from Jacques Androuet du Cerceau's Deuxieme livre d'architecture.