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The Norm: 1960s Modernism

The 1960s is the last decade of the Modern Movement in Britain. It is now completely mainstream and part of the Brave New World of innovation and technology.  It also coincides with an economic boom. This can be seen in a proliferation of commercial buildings and a growth in public architecture, including the new universities to cater for the post-war baby boom generation and of course, public housing.

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Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool: pyramid of one of the heavy concrete roofs over Lutyens's cantilvered staircase to the crypt in the foreground with the cathedral behind

Frederick Gibberd & Partners
NOTES: In 1930 Sir Edwin Lutyens was commissioned to design the second Roman Catholic cathedral to contrast with the Gothic Revival Anglican cathedral of Giles Gilbert Scott being erected on the other end of Hope Street from 1904. Construction on Lutyens's massive structure began in 1933 but was suspended in 1941 due to wartime restrictions. Work recommenced on the crypt in 1956 and it was completed in 1958. Thereafter Lutyens's design was considered onerously expensive and was abandoned with only the crypt complete.

House for Mr O'Flaherty, Kinsale

Walker, Robin

Chichester Festival Theatre

Powell & Moya

Cathedral Church of St Michael, Coventry: the steps and entrance porch with the bronze sculpture of 'St Michael subduing the Devil'

Epstein, Sir Jacob (1880-1959)
NOTES: The bronze sculpture of 'St Michael subduing the Devil' was executed by Jacob Epstein in 1958.

Chichester Festival Theatre

Powell & Moya

St. Mary's Cathedral, Tokyo

Tange, Kenzo (1913-2005)

Bodleian Law Library, St Cross Building, University of Oxford

Martin, Sir Leslie (1908-2000)
NOTES: Built in 1959-1964, the St Cross Building is formed of a group of three interlocking cubes of different sizes. The largest cube is home to the Law Faculty and the Bodleian Law Library, the medium-sized houses the English Faculty Library, while the smallest in size originally housed the Economics and Statistics Library.

St Catherine's College, Oxford: a residential block

Jacobsen, Arne Emil (1902-1971)

Our Lady Star of the Sea, Desertegney, County Donegal

McCormick, Liam (1916-1996)