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Office for Unit Construction Ltd., Liverpool

Sherwood, Harry (1897-)

St George's Hall, Lime Street, Liverpool:

Cockerell, Charles Robert (1788-1863)
NOTES: The design for St George's Hall was won in open competition by Harvey Lonsdale Elmes in 1839. Construction began in 1841 and after Elmes's death in 1847 work was continued by the Corporation Surveyor, John Weightman, until C. R. Cockerell took over as architect in 1851.

Designs for French Railways House, 177-179 Piccadilly, London: perspective showing the signage on the Piccadilly frontage

Goldfinger, Erno (1902-1987)
NOTES: The building was designed by Shaw & Lloyd. Goldfinger and Perriand were responsible for the design of the arcade on the ground floor of 177-179 Piccadilly (including the plate glass frontage and 4 feet behind), for the French Government Tourist Office, Societe National des Chemins de Fer (SNCF) and U.A.T. (French Airlines). They also designed the centre showroom of the French Government Tourist Office, at No.178 Piccadilly, and the shopfront sign "France".

Bauhaus building, Dessau: detail of the Bauhaus sign

Gropius, Walter (1883-1969)

Bauhaus building, Dessau: detail of the Bauhaus sign

Gropius, Walter (1883-1969)

Leadenhall Building, City of London: detail of the entrance signage at night

Rogers Stirk Harbour & Partners
NOTES: The building is known colloquially as the 'Cheesegrater'.