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Hari Mandir (Golden Temple), Amristar, seen from the bank of Lake Sarova

NOTES: Originally built in 1574, this temple was rebuilt during the leadership of Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji (1581-1606), the fifth of the Ten Gurus of the Sikhs. In the 1760s it was attacked by Afghans and had to be substantially rebuilt. This temple is the holiest shrine in Sikhism.

Casa di Santa Caterina, Contrada dell'Oca, Siena: the loggia

Peruzzi, Baldassarre (1481-1536)
NOTES: This is the house where St Catherina of Siena was born in 1347. It became a sanctuary devoted to her memory after it was acquired by the local government in 1466. The loggia was built in 1533 and is thought to be the work of Baldassare Peruzzi or of his follower Giovanni Battista Pelori.

Scottish National War Memorial, Edinburgh: the shrine

Lorimer, Sir Robert Stodart (1864-1929)

Arsenale district, Venice: detail of wall and aedicule

NOTES: The date MDCLXX is carved on the upper sill, below the pediment.