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York Minster: the nave looking east

NOTES: The rebuilding of the Minster in Gothic styles began between 1230 and 1241 with the southern wing of the transept, built by Archbishop de Gray. The nave was built in 1291-1321.

Cover of 'All the Photo-Tricks'

SOURCE: Edwin Smith. All the Photo-Tricks (London and New York: Focal Press, 1940), cover

Royal Pavilion, Brighton

Nash, John (1752-1835)
NOTES: The Royal Pavilion was built as a seaside retreat for the then Prince Regent (later King George IV). Originally the 'Marine Pavilion', a Neo-Classical building designed by Henry Holland and completed in 1787, it was transformed into this Indian style building by John Nash in 1815-1822. Using new technology, Nash enlarged the building and added the domes and minarets by superimposing a cast iron framework over Holland's pavilion.

Priest walking along the colonnade, St Peter's Square, Rome

Bernini, Gian Lorenzo (1598-1680)
NOTES: Piazza San Pietro is partly enclosed by two semi-circular colonnades, designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini in 1656-1667.