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Queen Victoria's Royal Train: the day saloon

NOTES: This railway carriage was built by the London and North-Western Railway and became part of the National Railway Museum collection in York, in 1975.

Ely Cathedral: detail of choir stalls on the north side

Hurle, William (fl. 1328-1342)
NOTES: William Hurle was the King's carpenter and was also responsible for the frame of hammerbeam struts supporting the lantern that was erected in 1328-1342.

St George's Chapel, Windsor: the finial of a choir stall armrest

NOTES: Construction on the chapel was begun by Edward IV in 1475 under the direction of the master mason, Henry Janyns, and was completed during the reign of Henry VIII in 1528. The stalls were executed in 1478-1485 and the principal carver was William Berkley. However not all the misericords were made by the same hand.

Living room furniture exhibited at the 'Everyday Things' exhibition, London

NOTES: The exhibition was arranged by the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Sandhouse, Witley, Surrey: the entrance hall decorated with the coloured frieze by Godfrey Blount

Blount, Godfrey (1859-1910)
NOTES: Built for the politician Joseph King, this house has latterly been known as 'Kingwood'. Godfrey Blount, a friend of C. R. Ashbee, set up with his wife Ethel Hine, The Haslemere Peasant Industries in I896 to revive local craft traditions. This frieze was later removed.