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Council House, New Delhi, under construction

Baker, Sir Herbert (1862-1946)

Palazzo del Lavoro, Centenery Exhibition (Italia 61), Turin, under construction

Nervi, Antonio
NOTES: The Palazzo del Lavoro housed the International Labour Exhibition part of the 1961 Centenary Exhibition to celebrate Italian unity.

Diagrams showing machinery and construction apparatus including lifting devices, tools and scaffolding

SOURCE: Vitruvius. De Architectura (Como, 1521), ed. Cesare Cesariano, Liber decimus, p. CLXV NOTES: This 1521 edition of Cesare Cesariano's translation and commentary on Vitruvius's treatise entitled 'De Architectura' (Ten Books on Architecture) is the first edition of the treatise not in Latin. Vitruvius's original, unillustrated treatise was written during the first century BC. The woodcut illustrations in this edition, most probably drawn by Cesariano, are largely based on the cuts in the 1511 edition of Vitruvius edited by Giovanni Giocondo.

'Science' bronze on Holborn Viaduct overlooking the post-war rebuilding on Farringdon Street, City of London

Farmer & Brindley
NOTES: Holborn Viaduct links Holborn, via Holborn Circus, with Newgate Street in the City of London. It passes over Farringdon Street and the now subterranean River Fleet. It was built in 1863-1869 to designs by City Surveyor, William Heywood. The viaduct is adorned with four larger-than-life sized bronze allegorical figures: 'Commerce' and 'Agriculture', designed by Henry Bursill and executed by the firm Elkington, and 'Science' and 'Fine Art', executed by Farmer & Brindley.

Alexandra Road Estate under construction, Camden, London

Brown, Neave Sinclair (1929-2018)
NOTES: Designed in 1968 by Neave Brown of Camden Council's Architects Department, this multi-family, 8-storey council housing estate, properly known as the Alexandra and Ainsworth estate, was built between 1972 and 1979.

Office building, New Street / Union Street, Birmingham, under construction

Cotton Ballard & Blow
NOTES: The site of the office block, an area cleared by wartime bombing, was known as 'Big Top'. See RIBA39417-RIBA39421 for images of the model.

Phase 2 housing under construction, Queen Mother Square, Poundbury, Dorset

Krier, Leon (1946-)
NOTES: Leon Krier, architect and urban planner, was responsible for the masterplan that was developed in 1989-1993. The masterplan divides the town of Poundbury into four distinctive quarters, each quarter representing a Phase. Construction of Phase 1 commenced in October 1993 and was completed in 2002. Quilan Terry was responsible for the design of Queen Mother Square, principally residential, scheduled for completion in 2009.