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Riverside buildings

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Expo '67, Montreal: the Quebec pavilion

Papineau Gerin-Lajoie Le Blanc & Durand

Pepys Estate, Deptford, London

Greater London Council. Department of Architecture & Civic Design

Vickers House, Millbank, London: the tower seen between the podium and the Y-block

Ronald Ward & Partners
NOTES: Commissioned by Vickers Ltd and financed by Legal & General Assurance Society, this redevelopment consists of three main sections: the 34-storey tower and 8-storey Y-shaped block, and an 11-storey residential block.

Skylon and the Dome of Discovery at night, Festival of Britain, South Bank, London

Tubbs, Ralph (1912-1996)
NOTES: Powell & Moya designed Skylon and Ralph Tubbs the Dome of Discovery.

Housing, Queen Elizabeth Square, Hutchesontown C, Gorbals, Glasgow

Sir Basil Spence Glover & Ferguson
NOTES: Hutchesontown C was the name given to a so-called Comprehensive Development Area (CDA) of an area of the city of Glasgow, designed by Basil Spence in 1960-1965. The design of the central 20-storey block was inspired by Le Corbusier's Unite d'Habitation, Marseille. It was demolished in 1993.

Marina City, North State Street, Chicago

Goldberg, Bertrand (1913-1997)

Reconstruction of the Houses of Parliament, Palace of Westminster, London, following war damage

Barry, Sir Charles (1795-1860)
NOTES: The House of Commons chamber was destroyed by bombing on 10 May 1941. The chamber was rebuilt by Giles Gilbert Scott and was completed in 1950.

Ponte Vecchio over the River Arno, Florence

NOTES: This is a closed-spandrel segmental arch bridge.