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Riverside buildings

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St Katharine Docks, London: a horse and cart travelling along the paved road behind the high brick-walled quayside warehouses

Hardwick, Philip (1792-1870)
NOTES: Part of the Port of London and built in 1825-1828 by the St Katharine Dock Company, this was the smallest group of London's enclosed docks. Thomas Telford engineered the docks while Philip Hardwick designed the quayside warehouses.

Queen Elizabeth Hall, South Bank, London: the terraces and steps leading down to the Thames

Greater London Council. Department of Architecture & Civic Design

Festival of Britain, South Bank, London: Royal Festival Hall, Dome of Discovery and Unicorn Cafe

Goodden, Robert Yorke (1909-2002)
NOTES: The Architects Department of the London Council Council designed the Royal Festival Hall; Ralph Tubbs designed the Dome of Discovery, and Gooden & Russell designed the Unicorn Cafe.

Royal Festival Hall, South Bank, London: looking down on the Skylon restaurant overlooking the river, from the staircase landing

London County Council. Architects Department
NOTES: See RIBA140278 for the negative of this image.

Fountains Abbey, North Yorkshire

NOTES: Construction on this Cistercian abbey began in 1132 and was only completed in 1526 shortly before its dissolution in 1539. The tower was added in 1494-1526.