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Power stations

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Power Station, West Burton, Nottinghamshire

Architects Design Group

Dungeness A nuclear power station and the Old Lighthouse, Kent

NOTES: This Magnox power station, connected to the National Grid in 1965, was one of eleven commissioned in the United Kingdom between 1956 and 1971. It was shut down in 2006.

Ffestiniog Power Station, Gwynedd, seen from across the Tan-Y-Grisiau reservoir

NOTES: Consisting of two reservoirs, this was the first major pumped storage facility in the UK. The upper reservoir is an enlargement of the natural mountain lake, Llyn Stwlan, while the lower reservoir was formed by damming the Afon Ystradau with a concrete dam. The power station, built of local stone, is situated on the west side of the lower reservoir.

Hams Hall B power station, Lea Marston, Warwickshire: three of the four cooling towers completed

NOTES: This, the second coal-fired station on this site, was planned in 1937, began generating electricty in 1942, and was expanded in 1948 and 1949. The cooling towers were demolished in 1985.

Hams Hall A power station, Lea Marston, Warwickshire: the two chimneys

NOTES: This, the first coal-fired station on this site, was constructed in 1928 and began generating electricty in 1929. The station station in 1975 and its six cooling tower and two chimneys were demolished in 1978.

Dounreay Experimental Nuclear Reactor, Dounreay

U.K. Atomic Survey Authority

Aldershot Central Power Station, Aldershot, Hampshire

Building Design Partnership

Plutonium Producing Factory for the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, Windscale, Cumbria

United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority. Architect's Dept

Amer Power Station, Geertruidenberg

J. van Hasselt & De Koning

Hinkley Point A nuclear power station, near Bridgwater, Somerset

Gibberd, Sir Frederick (1908-1984)
NOTES: This Magnox power station on the Bristol Channel was one of eleven commissioned in the United Kingdom between 1956 and 1971. It was decommissioned in 2000.

Longannet power station, Kincardine, Fife

Robert Matthew Johnson-Marshall & Partners
NOTES: Constructed downstream of the existing Kincardine power station on reclaimed land from the Firth of Forth, this coal-fired power station began generating electricity in 1970 and was fully commissioned in 1973.