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Blackpool Casino, Pleasure Beach, Blackpool: a typical men's lavatory

Emberton, Joseph (1889-1956)
NOTES: This circular building is carried on a concrete raft on which all columns rest and reinforced concrete was used for the structure of walls, floors and roof. The circle is divided into three zones: service, forming the hub, round which are grouped offices and recreational facitlities.

House of Cornelius Rufus, Pompeii: detail of the impluvium

NOTES: The impluvium was the open space in the atrium of a Roman house for the collection of rainwater.

Gloucester Cathedral: the fan-vaulted monks' lavatorium at the west end of the cloisters

NOTES: The cathedral was built between 1089 and 1499. It was extensively restored by Sir George Gilbert Scott between 1873 and 1890, and in 1897. The cloisters, begun after 1351 in Perpendicular style and completed before c.1360, have the earliest surviving large-scale fan vaulting.

Drawing after a painting found in the Baths of Titus, Rome, showing a Roman bath complex featuring an underfloor hypocaust heating system

NOTES: Part of the Burlington Devonshire Collection, this drawing is by an unidentified 17th century Italian draughtsman. Male bathers are shown relaxing in a series of bath treatment rooms including a Tepidarium, Frigidarium and Caldarium.

Design with later alterations and additions, as executed, for 22 Park Gate, Blackheath, London, for Leslie Bilsby: plans for heating, ventilation, water, gas and electrical supply

Gwynne, Patrick (1913-2003)
NOTES: The house was designed in 1978 and built in 1979, although Gwynne's drawings for this project also include later alterations and additions which were made in c. 1987.

Colour sketches for the decoration of the staff cafe ceiling in the Time Life building, New Bond Street, London: panel designs featuring plate and cutlery motifs and a cartoon showing a man taking a shower

Cox, Oliver Jasper (1920-2010)
NOTES: This drawing is part of a sketchbook containing designs made for decorative panels in the Time Life Building staff cafe. The designs were executed in laminate and were suspended above the seating area.

Montage of photographs demonstrating how poor sanitation, diet, living and working conditions cause ill health: images include slum dwellings, an outside toilet, factories, classrooms, unemployed men and two children - one healthy the other undernourished

Goldfinger, Erno (1902-1987)
NOTES: During World War II Erno Goldfinger presented his vision of the reconstruction of a post war Britain in a series of exhibitions mounted for the Army Bureau of Current Affairs (A.B.C.A.). In the 1943 ABCA exhibition entitled 'Health' Goldfinger proposed a blueprint for improved housing, sanitation, working conditions, schools and diet. The image shown here was intended for use on an exhibition display board.