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Derry and Toms roof garden, High Street Kensington, London: the Elizabethan English Garden

Hancock, Ralph (1893-1950)
NOTES: When Derry and Toms department store was built in 1931-1933, London County Council forbade the inclusion of the seventh floor due to the limit of fire service ladders but the building had the structural potential for another floor. On completion of the building, a roof garden was planned to cover this large open space which took three years to build and opened to the public in 1938.

Self-help housing, Frankfurt am Main

May, Ernst (1886-1970)
NOTES: This is likely to be Bruchfeldstrasse Siedlung.

Alexandra Road Estate, Camden, London: the terraced housing accessed from the main pedestrian walkway

Brown, Neave Sinclair (1929-2018)
NOTES: Designed in 1968 by Neave Brown of Camden Council's Architects Department, this multi-family, 8-storey council housing estate, properly known as the Alexandra and Ainsworth estate, was built between 1972 and 1979.

Umgestulpter Zuckerhut (Upside Down Sugar Loaf House) on a side street leading to Andreasplatz, Hildesheim, Lower Saxony

NOTES: This half-timbered house was destroyed by Allied aerial bombing on 22 March 1945. It was faithfully, albeit controversially, reconstructed in 2009-2010.