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Type 9F house, Chandigarh

Fry, Edwin Maxwell (1899-1987)

Pattern for fabric or velvet

Marot, Daniel (1663?-1752)
SOURCE: Oeuvres du Sr. D. Marot (Amsterdam, 1712), suite 21

Pattern for fabric or velvet

Marot, Daniel (1663?-1752)
SOURCE: Oeuvres du Sr. D. Marot (Amsterdam, 1712), suite 21

Glimpse through a balcony balustrade of a lady walking along an arcade at Sabbioneta, Lombardy

NOTES: This image is one of many taken by Ivy de Wolfe, the pseudonym of Hazel de Cronin Hastings, of Italian subjects. Many of these appeared in the book 'The Italian Townscape' by Ivor de Wolfe (London: Architectural Press, 1963). This appeared in the publication as fig. 402.

The Shot Tower, with Homes and Garden Pavilion on the right, Festival of Britain, South Bank, London, seen from the balcony of the Telekinema

Clarke-Hall, Denis Lucien (1910-2006)
NOTES: The Shot Tower, designed by David Riddal Roper, was built for Thomas Maltby & Company in 1826 and remained in use for the production of lead shot balls until 1949, after which it was incorporated into the scheme for the 1951 Festival of Britain on the South Bank of the River Thames. In 1950 the top of the tower was removed and a steel-framed superstructure was added instead, providing a radio beacon for the duration of the Festival. It was demolished after the Festival to make way for the Queen Elizabeth Hall, which opened in 1967.