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Parliament buildings

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Union Buildings, Pretoria

Baker, Sir Herbert (1862-1946)

Union Buildings, Pretoria

Baker, Sir Herbert (1862-1946)

Slightly varying designs for a partial rebuilding of the Houses of Parliament, Palace of westminster, London: plan of the site with superimposed block pan of new buildings

Smirke, Sir Robert (1780-1867)
NOTES: The Commissioners of Woods & Works instructed Smirke to prepare a scheme for rebuilding the Houses of Parliament in October 1834. His scheme, largely a new frontage along the river to what remained of the buildings, was presented to the King, to Peel and then to the Houses of Parliament. A committee then decided to hold a competition for a more costly and extensive rebuilding and Smirke was paid for his unused design.

Preliminary designs for the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament, Palace of Westminster, London

Barry, Sir Charles (1795-1860)
NOTES: Barry's design for the Houses of Parliament did not originally include a clock tower. He was asked to include one and his first designs were added in 1836. Construction began in 1843 but the tower (the Elizabeth Tower) and its clock and great bell (Big Ben) were finished in 1859.

Design for dado in the crypt of unidentified chapel

Crace, John Gregory (1809-1889)

Preliminary studies for the Houses of Parliament, Palace of Westminster, London: elevation of north front and New Palace Yard

Barry, Sir Charles (1795-1860)
NOTES: In this early sketch for the new Palace of Westminster Barry is working on the facade of New Palace Yard. The drawing incorporates the medieval front of Westminster Hall, while a tower second from the left marks the site of the future Big Ben. The following year, 1836, Barry won the design competition.

Parliament Buildings, Ottawa: the East Block, seen from Elgin Street with the Centre Block in the left background

Laver, Augustus (1834-1898)
NOTES: In 1916 the building was destroyed by fire with the exception of the Library, a sixteen-sided structure behind the central block.