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Santa Maria della Sanita, Naples: detail of the steps of the high altar

Nuvolo, Giuseppe (1570-1643)
NOTES: The church was probably designed in 1590 but not begun until 1602, architect Giuseppe Nuvolo. The altar steps are dated 1678 and are by Vincenzo Pampanielleo.

Church of San Pietro a Maiella, Naples: detail of the high altar

Ghetti, Bartolomeo
NOTES: The church was built in 1313-1315, but was heavily altered in the 16th and 17th centuries. The high altar is attributed to the brothers Bartolomeo and Pietro Ghetti and is dated to the late 17th century (c. 1673-1700).

San Gregorio Armeno, Naples: detail of the organ galleries

NOTES: The church was constructed between 1574-1580. The organ dates from before 1707, the coretti were added in 1736 and the organ galleries 1744-1745.

Church of the Holy Trinity (Harrow Mission Church), Latimer Road, London: the organ

Shaw, Richard Norman (1831-1912)
SOURCE: The Architect, vol. 42. Oct. 25, 1889, between p. 238-239

Sketches and designs for completion of Markree Castle, Collooney, County Sligo: elevation of organ

Gwilt, Joseph (1784-1863)
NOTES: From a manuscript album entitled 'Slight Memoir of Joseph Gwilt' containing drawings, letters eetc.

Advertisement for Collard & Collard upright piano to a design by Voysey

Voysey, Charles Francis Annesley (1857-1941)
NOTES: Voysey designed a 'cottage piano' for his wife in 1902; a drawing of this piano is in the RIBA Drawings Collection. This design was slightly altered by Voysey and put into commercial production by the piano firm of Collard & Collard and first exhibited at the 1903 Arts & Crafts Exhibition.

Lincoln Cathedral: the lantern over the central crossing

NOTES: The building of the cathedral comprised three main periods; from 1072-1092; 1191 to c. 1250; and 1256 to c. 1300, with some alterations and additions to the towers in the 14th and 15th centuries.