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Opera houses

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Royal Italian Opera House, Covent Garden, London

Barry, Edward Middleton (1830-1880)
SOURCE: Builder, vol. XV, 1857 Oct. 24, p. 611

Chicago Opera Festival Hall, Chicago

Adler & Sullivan

Palais Garnier (Opera de Paris), Place de l'Opera, Paris

Garnier, Charles (1825-1898)

Royal Opera House, Bow Street, Covent Garden London: the auditorium

Smirke, Sir Robert (1780-1867)
SOURCE: R. Ackermann. The Microcosm of London (London, 1835), vol. I, pl. 100 after p.212 NOTES: The engraving shows the second opera house built to the designs of Sir Robert Smirke and opened in 1809 after the first opera house had been destroyed by fire the previous year. It was in turn destroyed by fire in 1856 and subsequently replaced by E M Barry's current opera house.

Her Majesty's Theatre, Haymarket, London: the auditorium

Novosielski, Michael (c.1747-1795)
SOURCE: R. Ackermann. The Microcosm of London (London, 1835), vol. II, pl. 59 NOTES: During the reign of Queen Anne the theatre was called the Queen's Theatre. From the accession of George I (1714) to that of Queen Victoria (1837) it was known as the King's Theatre. During the first decade of Victoria's reign (1837- 1847) it was known as 'The Italian Opera House' and thereafter until 1901, Her Majesty's Theatre. From 1901 until the accession of Queen Elizabeth II (1952), it was known as His Majesty's.

National Theatre, Munich: the foyer

Fischer, Karl von (1782-1820)
NOTES: Originally built by Karl von Fischer in 1811-1815, the theatre burnt down in 1823 and was rebuilt in its original form by Leo von Klenze, reopening in 1825..

Palais Garnier (Opera de Paris), Place de l'Opera, Paris: key for the great window at the back of the stage

Garnier, Charles (1825-1898)
SOURCE: Charles Garnier. Le nouvel opera de Paris. Sculpture ornamentale (Paris, 1875), pl. 11