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Ocean liners

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SS Normandie: the first-class smoking room and staircase

Baudry, Leon-Georges (1898-1978)
NOTES: Here the walls were panelled in coromandel lacquer of deep brown-red with gilt overlay, and depicted hunting scenes. The grand staircase can be seen in the background. At the head of the staircase was the statue of 'La Normandie' by Baudry.

SS Normandie: the first-class dining room

Lalique, Rene (1860-1945)
NOTES: The first-class dining room seated seven hundred. The walls were composed for the most part of decorated and embossed cut glass panels and the coffered ceiling was plaster of Paris coloured gold. It was illuminated by 12 tall pillars of Lalique glass flanked by 38 matching columns along the walls.

SS Normandie: the Grand Salon

Dupas, Jean (1882-1964)
NOTES: The Grand Salon may have been the ship's most palatial room; it was initially compared to the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles. Below the 31-foot-tall ceiling were four glass-relief murals, each more than 20 feet tall and about 30 feet wide, made up of about a hundred individual panels. They depicted the ancient gods cavorting at sea, with tall sailing ships in the background. The French architect Roger-Henri Expert was in charge of the overall decorative scheme and the painter Jean Dupas designed the murals.