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Teatro Olimpico, Vicenza: the fixed backdrop upon the stage

Palladio, Andrea (1508-1580)
NOTES: The theatre was Palladio's last work and was completed by Scamozzi who designed the fixed backdrop on the stage (supposedly based on Thebes).

Cathedral of San Geminiano, Modena: close-up of one of the two lions flanking the Porta Regia

Anselmo da Campione (fl. 1160-1175)
NOTES: Construction on the Cathedral began in 1099 under the direction of the masterbuilder Lanfranco. It was consecrated in 1184. The Porta Regia was added in 1209-1231 by Anselmo da Campione and his heirs. The lions, probably discovered while digging the foundations, are of Roman age.

Teatro Olimpico, Vicenza

Palladio, Andrea (1508-1580)

Villa Cordellina Lombardi, Vicenza

Massari, Giorgio (1687-1766)

Royal Palace, Caserta

Vanvitelli, Luigi (1700-1773)

Fragments of the colossal statue of Constantine the Great, Palazzo dei Conservatori, Rome

Della Porta, Giacomo (1538-1602)
NOTES: Constantine I reigned from 25 July 306 AD to 29 October 312 AD. The Palazzo dei Conservatori, which houses part of the Capitoline Museum, was built by Giacomo della Porta in 1564-1575 to the design of 1536 by Michelangelo.

Westminster Abbey, London: the gilt bronze tomb effigies of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York in the Lady Chapel

Janyns, Robert, the Younger (fl. 1499-1506)
NOTES: The design of this chapel, built in 1503-1519, is attributed to the Henry VII's master masons Robert and William Vertue, and Robert Janyns. The gilt bronze effigies and Renaissance tomb were designed by Pietro Torrigiano in 1509-1517.