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Monasteries & convents

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View of the Choragic Monument of Lysicrates seen walled into the garden end of the Hospitum of the Capuchins (Capuchin Monastery), Athens

NOTES: The Lysicrates Monument is the best preserved example of a Choregic monument and is one of the earliest examples of a Greek monument built according to the Corinthian order. In 1658 a French Capuchin monastery was founded around the monument itself (which was known as the 'Lantern of Diogenes'). The monastery was demolished during the Greek war of Independence in 1821 and the monument was subsequently restored by French architects Fran+â-ºois Boulanger and E. Loviot. It is likely this drawing dates from between 1751 and 1754, during Stuart's extensive travels in Greece.This image also appeared as an engraving in Stuart & Revett's 'The Antiquities of Athens' (London, 1762), vol. I, ch. iv, pl. I.

Church of the Certosa di Pavia: the sculptural and polychrome marble decorated west front

Amadeo, Giovanni Antonio (1447-1522)
NOTES: The Certosa (Charterhouse) di Pavia is a Carthusian monastery built between 1396 and 1452. The church proper, built on a Latin cross plan, was completed in 1472, while the facade was begun in 1491 by a group of architects and sculptors under the leadership of Giovanni Antonio Amadeo and completed in the sixteenth century.

Basilica of San Paolo fuori le Mura (St Paul outside the Walls), Rome: the cloisters with Cosmatesque decoration

Cosmati, Giovanni (fl. 1231-1235)
NOTES: The Papal basilica of St Paul outside the Walls, is one of four churches considered to be the great ancient basilicas of Rome. The cloister of the monastery was built between 1208 and 1241 by Pietro Vassalletto and was decorated by Giovanni Cosmati, the youngest of the Cosmati.

Val de Grace, Paris

Le Duc, Gabriel (1623?-1696)
SOURCE: Jean Marot. An untitled collection of plates, known as `Le grand Marot' (Paris, 1686?), pl. 111

Marble fragments from a Greek monastery in Alexandria

SOURCE: Jules Bourgoin. Les arts arabes (Paris, 1873), pl. 49

Jeronimos Monastery (or Royal Monastery of Santa Maria de Belem), Lisbon

SOURCE: Robert Batty. Select views of some of the principal cities of Europe (London, 1832)

St Ulrich and Afra, Augsburg

SOURCE: Bernhard Hertfelder. Basilica Sanctorum Udalrici et Afra (Augsburg, 1712), facing p. 4