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Three bedroom flat in Highpoint One, North Hill, Highgate, London: corner of bedroom

Lubetkin & Tecton
NOTES: The flat's interior and furniture were designed by Yorke & Breuer.

'Shangri-la', Milvil Road, Lee-on-Solent, Hampshire: the dining area

Yorke, Francis Reginald Stevens (1906-1962)

Amalienburg, Schloss Nymphenburg, Munich: the Hall of Mirrors (Spiegelsaal)

Cuvillies, Francois de (1695-1768)
NOTES: The most important of the four buildings in the grounds of Nymphenburg, this hunting lodge was designed by Francois de Cuvillies and built in 1734-1739 for Maria Amalie, wife of Elector Karl Albrecht. The sculptors Johann Baptist Zimmermann and Johann Joachim Dietrich were responsible for the interior design of the pavilion.

Reichstag, Berlin: the mirrored cone

Foster & Partners
NOTES: The Reichstag has been the seat of the Bundestag since April 1999. The original 1894 building (architect Paul Wallot), was damaged by a fire in 1933 and bombed severely during World War II, leaving it gutted. After reunification, Foster & Partners were commissioned to redesign a new parliament for the Bundestag inside the shell of the old building, creating a new dome in the process.