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Design for a silver table centrepiece (epergne or 'surtoute'): elevation and plan

Kent, William (1685?-1748)
NOTES: This drawing was copied from a design for a silver table centre by William Kent and was probably made in preparation for John Vardy's publication entitled 'Some designs of Mr Inigo Jones and Mr William Kent' (London, 1744), although the published plate differs from the drawing shown here in several details.

Bronze 15th century daggers, coins by Cellini and arabesque from the Madeleine, Paris

NOTES: This is a drawing for a lithographic plate to illustrate Wyatt's Metal-work and its artistic design (London: Day, 1852).

Designs for metalwork: elevations and sections

Goodhart-Rendel, Harry Stuart (1887-1959)

Basilica of San Zeno Maggiore, Verona: detail of a bronze panel of the entrance doors

NOTES: The original Romanesque church, begun in 967, was damaged by an earthquake in 1117. It was reconstructed in 1120-1138 and completed by the reconstruction of the roof and of the Gothic style apse in 1348.

Basilica of San Marco, Venice: the baptistery with the font designed by Jacopo Sansovino

NOTES: The mosaics were carried out in the mid-14th century. The font is by Jacopo Sansovino and dates from around 1545.

Yardley, Old Bond Street, London: the gilt-bronze filigree entrance door by Reco Capey

Capey, Reco (1895-1961)
NOTES: The shop fittings were designed by Emil Rhulman of Paris, while Reco Capey (Yardley's Director of Design) was responsible for the filigree metal entrance door.

Vents, Paternoster Square, City of London: the two helical towers providing a cool air inlet and warm air outlet

Thomas Heatherwick Studio
NOTES: Sir William Whitfield was responsible for the master plan of Paternoster Square. Thomas Heatherwick Studio were responsible for the design of the sculptural vents that extend from a London Electricity substation and provide cooling for four subterranean electricty transformers.