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Montage entitled 'The Most Famous Buildings in the World', showing a variety of well-known architectural landmarks from across the globe

SOURCE: The Boy's Own Paper, (London, 1880s). NOTES: This image is based on an earlier drawing by Charles Robert Cockerell entitled 'The Professor's Dream' (1848) (see RIBA95743) and includes many of the same buildings with a number of additions. Buildings depicted here include St Peter's Basilica, the Taj Mahal, Westminster Abbey, St Paul's Cathedral, Florence Cathedral, Bramante's Tempietto,The Pantheon, Pyramids, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Crystal Palace, Victoria and Albert Museum, Arc de Triomphe and a wide variety of temples, obelisks, columns, spires and domes.

Robert Burns Mausoleum, St Michael's churchyard, Dumfries: perspective

Hunt, Thomas Frederick (1790-1831)
NOTES: Burns died in 1796 and was buried in St Michael's churchyard, but his body was moved in 1817 to the mausoleum built in the churchyard by public subscription. This view is a somewhat idealised view of the monument and its surroundings. See also RIBA85312 for a coloured version of this print.

Design for a royal mausoleum: perspective view

Fulton, James Black (1875-1922)
NOTES: This design was the winner of the RIBA Tite Prize of 1899.

Tomb of Akbar, Sikandra: perspective view

NOTES: This drawing is by an unidentified 19th century Indian draughtsman.

Scene along the River Ganges with houses and a mausoleum, Munger (Monghyr), Bihar

NOTE: This drawing was either made in October 1788 or on the return journey in December 1790.