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Bull Ring shopping centre with the Rotunda under construction in the right background, Birmingham

Birmingham. City Architects Department
NOTES: The Bull Ring shopping centre was designed by the Birmingham City Architects Department and built between 1961 and 1964. The Rotunda was designed by James A. Roberts in 1964-1965.

Coal Exchange, Lower Thames Street, City of London

Bunning, James Bunstone (1802-1863)
SOURCE: Builder, vol. 7, 1849 Sept. 29, p. 462 NOTES: This building was demolished in 1962.

Central Market Building, Covent Garden, London

Fowler, Charles (1792-1867)
NOTES: The original fruit and vegetable market moved out in 1974 and in 1978-1980 the market was restored and converted by the architects of the the Greater London Council's historic buildings division into a mix of shops, restaurants and offices.

Quincy Market, Boston, Massachusetts

Parris, Alexander (1780-1852)

Market (formerly Piazza Italia), Asmara

Arata, Giuseppe
NOTES: The market was designed at the beginning of the 1940s but only completed in 1952.

Covered retail market, Coventry

Coventry City Architects Department

Central Markets, West Smithfield, City of London

Jones, Sir Horace (1819-1887)

Market warehouses, Crispin and Steward Streets, Spitalfields, London

Perks, Sydney (d. 1944)
NOTES: Erected in 1926-1928 under the supervision of Sydney Perks, then Surveyor to the City of London, these buildings were extensions to the west of the original 19th century wholesale, fruit and flower market between Crispin and Steward Streets. The market was relocated to a new site in Leyton in 1991. These buildings were controversially demolished to make way for Bishop's Square, the mixed-use development which includes the headquarters of Allen & Overy designed by Foster & Partners and built in 2003-2005.