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Half-elevation of a fireplace (left), and perspective and side view of a chimney (right)

NOTES: The F on the chimney is possibly for Francois I.

Two half-elevations of fireplaces

NOTES: The left-hand design, although not based directly on any of them, is reminiscent of various fireplace designs in the album of ÔÇÿArchitectural and other designsÔÇÖ by Jacques I Androuet du Cerceau (B3 025 A06) in the Pierpont Morgan Library, New York.

Half-front and side elevations of a fireplace

Duperac, Etienne (c. 1525-1604)
NOTES: The inscription 'M du perc' could refer to the architect and engraver Etienne du Perac, with whose house Gentilhatre may have been acquainted.

Front elevation of a fireplace with an elaborately framed oval cartouche

NOTES: This fireplace is from the Paris home of a M. de Genre or de Genze (see also RIBA126152).

Side elevation of the fireplace in a house in Paris (left), and side elevation of a chimney with a decorated lion's head roundel (right)

NOTES: This fireplace is from the Paris home of a M. de Genre or de Genze (see also RIBA126151). The chimney is probably from the Chateau de Montceaux.

Designs for an overmantel, ascribed to Wilton House, Wiltshire: half-elevation

Jones, Inigo (1573-1652)
NOTES: This sheet of three overmantel designs (two on recto and one on verso) incorporates, in two instances, the coronet of an earl. Stylistically they could have been intended for Wilton. (See also RIBA22815)