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Ornamental design for a chimneypiece and wall panelling

Johnson, Thomas (1714-c. 1779)
SOURCE: Chippendale's one hundred and thirty-three designs of interior decorations in the Old French & antique styles (London, 1834), pl. 29 NOTES: Despite the attribution to Chippendale, all the designs were by Thomas Johnson.

Design for a chimneypiece in 'Italian' style

Le Pautre, Jean (1618-1682)
SOURCE: Oeuvres d'architecture de Jean Le Pautre (Paris, 178-?), vol. 2, pl. 50.3

Design for a chimneypiece with mirror in 'Chinese' style

SOURCE: Matthias Lock. A collection of ornamental designs (London, 1835?), pl. 15

Design for a chimneypiece

Marot, Daniel (1663?-1752)
SOURCE: Oeuvres du Sr. D. Marot (The Hague, 1703), suite 2

Coombe Abbey: chimneypiece in the Great Chamber

SOURCE: C. J. Richardson. Observations on the architecture of England during the reigns of Queen Elizabeth and King James I (London, 1837) NOTES: This image was later published in Richardson's 'Architectural remains of the reigns of Elizabeth and James I' and is one of the tinted litographs added to this specific copy of the book.

Chimneypiece for a banqueting hall: competition design in the Gothic style

Mears, Sir Frank Charles, (1880-1953)
NOTES: The design features carved figures, the royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom and a painted panel depicting a Tudor ship sailing off the south coast of Britain.

Design for an ornate fireplace with a relief panel depicting a classical subject for Durdans, Epsom

Newton, William (1735-1790)
NOTES: A previous Durdans house on this site was largely destroyed by fire in 1755. Charles Dalbiac purchased the ruins in 1764 and employed William Newton to remodel the house.