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Water-powered forge

SOURCE: Giuseppe Valadier. L'Architettura pratica (Rome, 1829-1839), vol. 6 (plate vol.), pl. 122

Rolling mill used in the manufacture of silver, gold, iron and other metals

SOURCE: Giuseppe Valadier. L'Architettura pratica (Rome, 1829-1839), vol. 7 (plate vol.), pl. 165

Diagrams showing machinery and construction apparatus including lifting devices, tools and scaffolding

SOURCE: Vitruvius. De Architectura (Como, 1521), ed. Cesare Cesariano, Liber decimus, p. CLXV NOTES: This 1521 edition of Cesare Cesariano's translation and commentary on Vitruvius's treatise entitled 'De Architectura' (Ten Books on Architecture) is the first edition of the treatise not in Latin. Vitruvius's original, unillustrated treatise was written during the first century BC. The woodcut illustrations in this edition, most probably drawn by Cesariano, are largely based on the cuts in the 1511 edition of Vitruvius edited by Giovanni Giocondo.

Ulster Museum extension, Botanic Gardens, Belfast: the machine hall seen from the entrance

Pym, Francis
NOTES: The Ulster Museum was designed in Classical Revival style by James Cumming Wynnes and built in 1924-1929. The extension was designed by Francis Pym and built in 1966-1972.

The Engineerium, Nevill Road, Hove: a restored beam engine

NOTES: This former derelict Victorian pumping station was converted into a museum with working steam machinery in 1971.