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Roger de Lluria Building, University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona: a staircase and lift shaft

MBM Arquitectes
NOTES: MBM Arquitectes were responsible for the transformation of three 19th century military buildings [the Roger de Lluria and Jaume I barracks] in 1997 to 2001, each occupying a city block, for the Faculties of Humanities of the Pompeu Fabra University.

DWR office building, Amsterdam: the lift lobby

Architectuurstudio Herman Hertzberger
NOTES: This building is also known as Dienst Waterbeheer en Riolering, the Water Management and Sewerage Department.

Santa Giulia City Museum, Brescia: a lift entrance

Tortelli Frassoni Architetti Associati
NOTES: This museum, built on the ruins of Roman town houses, is located in the former female Benedictine monastery of San Salvatore-Giulia, founded in 753. It was acquired by Brescia town council in 1996 and converted into a museum by Giovanni Tortelli and Roberto Frassoni. It opened to the public in 2006. It comprises the Lombard church of San Salvatore and its crypt, the Romanesque church of Santa Maria in Solario, the Nuns' Choir, the sixteenth-century church of Santa Giulia and three Renaissance cloisters.

Former church of Santa Marta, Porta Marta, Venice: the lift shaft

De Feo, Vittorio (1928-2002)
NOTES: This 14th century church, located on the western-most boundary of Venice, was deconsecrated in 1811, later used as a warehouse and progressively fell into disrepair. Its restoration by Vittorio De Feo was part of a pilot project by the Municipality of Venice and the Port Authority for upgrading Venice's port waterfront. The interior, fitted with a metal structure clad with pear wood panels, now serves as a conference and exhibition venue, which includes a projection room, shops and a cafeteria.