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Sketches of spiral staircases, a dome and a timber-framed shop

NOTES: This drawing was made by Evelyn while on the Grand Tour between 1644 and 1646 and was formerly believed to have been intended for his unpublished 'Elysium Britannicum', an encyclopedic work on gardening.

Designs for Montpellier Rotunda (or Pump Room) and for alterations and additions, Montpellier Spa, Cheltenham, for Henry Thompson Esq.: elevation of proposed casings and portico for the principal front of the building

Papworth, John Buonarotti (1775-1847)
NOTES: Montpellier Spa Long Room and colonnade were built in 1817 to designs by George Allen Underwood and in 1825-1826 J. B. Papworth added the Rotunda, inspired by the Pantheon in Rome. Today the Montpellier Rotunda is a bank.

Chapel of St James (Pentonville Chapel), Pentonville Road, Clerkenwell, London: perspective showing the west front and south side

Hurst, Aaron Henry (1762-1799)
NOTES: This chapel opened in 1788 and was consecrated for the use by the Church of England in 1791. It became redundant and was demolished in 1985. This drawing is by an unidentified 19th century English architect.

Church of St Paul, Lyon: study of the lantern

NOTES: In addition to being a landscape and architectural painter, lithographer and archaeologist, Bouet was also appointed Inspecteur de la Societe Francaise d'Archeologie. This drawing is one of a number of topographical studies and details of French, German, Italian and Swiss medieval architecture executed by him between around 1850 and 1865.

Ely Cathedral: design for the restoration of the lantern

Scott, Sir George Gilbert (1811-1878)
NOTES: Much of Ely Cathedral dates from around 1353. Scott worked on the Ely Cathedral restoration and rebuilding project from around 1847 until 1869, following the death of the architect George Basevi in a fall from the Cathedral tower.

Horizontal perspective drawing of a gallery and lantern-light created from the internal elevation

SOURCE: Richard Brown. Principles of practical perspective (London, 1835), part 2, pl. 44

Trajan's Forum, Rome: Trajan's column with the dome of Santa Maria di Loreto in the background

Duca, Giacomo del (1520-1604)
NOTES: This forum is the largest and best preserved of the Imperial fora. It was built on the order of Emperor Trajan following the conquest of Dacia which ended in 106, and comprised a considerable complex of buildings, including a temple and basilica. The victory column, inaugurated in 113, is decorated with a spiral freize showing Trajan's exploits against the Dacians. The church of Santa Maria di Loreto was started in 1507 by Antonio da Sangallo the Younger. It was completed by Giacomo del Duca in 1582 with the addition of the drum, dome, and the unusual lantern.

York Minster: the lantern of the central tower and north transept

NOTES: The rebuilding of the Minster in Gothic styles began between 1230 and 1241 with the southern wing of the transept built by Archbishop de Gray. The north transept was built slightly later by John le Romeyn and completed c.1255. The central tower in Perpendicular style was built in 1407-1423 to replace the original tower that collapsed in 1407.