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Lamps, lighting fixtures

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Offices for Hubert C. Leach Ltd., Crossbrook Street, Cheshunt: the board room

C. H. Elsom & Partners
NOTES: The offiices were built in the former garden of a private house, situated on the east side of Crossbrook Street.

Tubework offices for Stewarts & Lloyds Ltd., Corby, Northamptonshire: a waiting area overlooking the internal courtyard

J. Douglass Mathews & Partners
NOTES: The office block was part of a complex of industrial buildings, one was for the administration of the steelworks and the other to do the same for the tubeworks.

Olivetti offices, Dundee: detail of light fitting

Cullinan, Edward (1931-2019)
NOTES: This is one of four branches of Olivetti offices, built at the same time to a similar design in the cities of Carlisle, Belfast, Derby and Dundee. All of the metal surfaces, including girders, radiators and trunking were painted bright colours, although varying from office to office. Usually a combination of emerald green, bright blue and bright red was employed. The roofs were a bright yellow plastic, although the one at Belfast was considered too orange and was replaced with a grey one.