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Insignia, emblems

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Title piece for the front cover of Hermann Muthesius's 'Das Englische Haus'

Macdonald, Frances (1875-1921)
SOURCE: Hermann Muthesius. Das Englische Haus : Entwicklung, Bedingungen, Anlage, Aufbau, Einrichtung und Innenraum, vol. 2 (Berlin: Wasmuth, 1904), cover NOTES: The title piece is said to have been designed by Frances MacDonald.

Selkirk House, 166 High Holborn, London

NOTES: This office was built as the headquarters for the Trust House Forte group. In 1965 their chief architect was Nelson Foley, who may, or may not have been responsible. It was subsequently converted into a hotel.

Livery design for British European Airways: Vicker Viking airplane

Nicholson, Christopher David George (1904-1948)

Livery design for British European Airways: cockpit of a Vickers Viking airplane

Nicholson, Christopher David George (1904-1948)

Livery design for British European Airways: passenger steps

Nicholson, Christopher David George (1904-1948)

Design for an ornamental sign for the Demerary Office of Health

Smirke, Sir Robert (1780-1867)
NOTES: Demerary (Demerara) was a colony - first Dutch and then British - in what is now Guyana.

Guildhall, City of London: cresting with the arms of the City of London

Wren, Sir Christopher (1632-1723)
NOTES: The original medieval court hall, or 'bury', of 1411 was badly damaged during the Great Fire of London in 1666. The surviving exterior walls were heightened and the repair and embellishement of the hall was completed in 1673 under the supervision of Wren. This sketch is one of a number of preliminary studies of English Baroque architecture made by Charles Cockerell in preparation for his watercolour composition 'A Tribute to Sir Christopher Wren' (1838). It was formerly part of an album of drawings entitled 'Ichnographia Publica', compiled by Cockerell from 1825 as a private 'scrapbook' containing his measured drawings, notes and studies relating to the architecture of public buildings. The bracketed numbers which accompany many of the sketches refer to the numbered 'key' to the engraved version of 'A Tribute to Sir Christopher Wren'.

Designs for the library at King Edward VI Grammar School, New Street, Birmingham: elevation of a carved stone coat of arms

Barry, Sir Charles (1795-1860)
NOTES: While working on King Edward VI Grammar School, Birmingham, Barry collaborated for the first time with Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin and the stonecarver J. Thomas, who were later to work with him on the Houses of Parliament.

Sketch of carved royal coat of arms for the chapel for the Old Royal Naval College (Royal Naval Hospital), Greenwich, London

Newton, William (1735-1790)
NOTES: William Newton was responsible for the detailing of the chapel during it's rebuilding, following a disastrous fire in 1779.

Design for two armorial bearings

Papworth, John Buonarotti (1775-1847)