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Human figure

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Allegorical frontispiece to Robert and James Adam's 'Works in architecture'

SOURCE: Robert and James Adam. The works in architecture of Robert and James Adam, vol. I (London, 1778), frontispiece

Analysis of beauty

Hogarth, William (1697-1764)
SOURCE: William Hogarth. The Analysis of beauty (London, 1810), plate 37

The human figure as a study of symmetry and proportion

SOURCE: Vitruvius. De Architectura (Como, 1521), ed. Cesare Cesariano, Liber tertius, p. XXLI [ie XLIX] NOTES: This 1521 edition of Cesare Cesariano's translation and commentary on Vitruvius's treatise entitled 'De Architectura' (Ten Books on Architecture) is the first edition of the treatise not in Latin. Vitruvius's original, unillustrated treatise was written during the first century BC. The woodcut illustrations in this edition, most probably drawn by Cesariano, are largely based on the cuts in the 1511 edition of Vitruvius edited by Giovanni Giocondo.

Life drawing class at the Royal Academy, Somerset House, Strand, London

SOURCE: R. Ackermann. The Microcosm of London (London, 1835), vol. I, pl. 1

Aluminium kitchen showing sink unit

Schreiber, Gaby

Civic Centre, Tunbridge Wells: cell in the police station

Prestwich, Ernest
NOTES: The Civic Centre comprises, municipal buildings, assembly hall, police court and station, library and a fire station.