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Health facilities

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Tuke School, Harders Road, Peckham, London: the multi-purpose hall

Gordon & Ursula Bowyer
NOTES: This school was designed to accommodate 84 mentally disabled children aged three to 16 and 20 physically disalbed children of all ages.

Design for the East Ham Chest Clinic, London, for Dr Philip Ellman: plans with tracings of a model illustrating sunlight penetration and ventilation throughout the building

Lubetkin & Tecton
NOTES: The outer images were created by placing a model of the proposed chest clinic onto sheets of photographic paper (featuring a diagram of the building's outline) at different times of the day to illustrate the extent of sun penetration. The dark patches represent direct sunlight, while grey areas show reflected and diffused light. The central design shows the direction of air currents throughout the building.