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Student designs for 'a departmental store for Liverpool': roof plan

Johnson-Marshall, Sir Stirrat (1912-1981)
NOTES: Johnson-Marshall attended the Liverpool School of Architecture between 1930 and 1935. Note the planned autogyro (helicopter) landing area and hangars on the roof.

Page from 'Grandes Constructions'

Tiersch, P.
SOURCE: Grandes constructions (Paris, 1929), vol. 2. pl. 6 NOTES: Featured buildings are: an aircraft hangar by P. Tiersch, the Bauhuas building at Dessau (1925) by Walter Gropius and the interior of a restaurant by Fred Forbat.

Model of proposed hexagonal aircraft hangar structure in triangular form for the BOAC Maintenance Headquarters, London Airport, later developed as a design for an exhibition hall

Williams, Sir Evan Owen (1890-1969)
NOTES: Williams had researched and developed his ideas for airport hangar construction since the mid-1940s and had sent the Ministry of Civic Aviation models of his hexagonal design structure. Around 1950 Williams was approached by the Ministry to design a hangar complex at London Airport (since 1966 known as Heathrow Airport). The Ministry and BOAC, who would use the facility, considered these designs but in the end they were rejected as lacking in required flexibility within the structure and Williams produced the design which was constructed between 1950 and 1955. The hexagonal design originally proposed was later developed as an exhibition hall with an unobstructed floor area of 6 acres.