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Graphic design

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Cover of 'Some recent work of Philip Hepworth'

SOURCE: A. Trystan Edwards. Some recent work of Philip Hepworth (Zoug, 1931), front cover NOTES: The cover shows the Roof Garden House in Bickley.

Cover of 'Japanese homes and their surroundings'

SOURCE: Edward S. Morse. Japanese homes and their surroundings (London, 1886), front cover

Cover of 'The apartments of the house'

SOURCE: Joseph Crouch and Edmund Butler. The apartments of the house (London, 1900), front cover

Title page of the Art Journal 1910

SOURCE: The Art Journal, 1910, title page

Festival emblem, Festival of Britain Information Centre, Messrs Swan & Edgar, Piccadilly Circus, London W1

Games, Abram (1914-1996)
NOTES: Abram Games designed the emblem for the Festival of Britain. Jacques Groag was responsible for the interior design of the Information Centre.

Designs for greetings and Christmas cards, featuring fruit, foliage and flowers

NOTES: Three of the designs incorporate coats of arms, the shields representing England, Scotland and Ireland respectively, each surmounted by a crown and surrounded by the nation's motto. (See also RIBA12212 for a detail of the holly and mistletoe design.).

Design for a personal Christmas Card

Goldfinger, Erno (1902-1987)
NOTES: This card was designed by Goldfinger for himself and his wife Ursula.