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Gothic Revival: Rich colours and decoration

Gothic Revival architecture is know for its use of rich colour and decoration, often seen in sumptuous interiors.

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Shepton House, Shepton Beauchamp, Somerset: the drawing room fireplace

Davis, Maurice
NOTES: This is the home of the ceramicist Richard Dennis. The fireplace is 17th century. See RIBA110156 for a colour version of this image.

Design for a chancel

Bentley, John Francis (1839-1902)
NOTES: This drawing was exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, in 1861 ('Study for a Chancel', number 671).

Designs for the Chapel of Saint Hugh, Bishop's Hostel, Lincoln: ground floor plan and perspectives

Moore, Temple Lushington (1856-1920)
NOTES: It was perhaps these drawings which were exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, in 1908 (number 1680). What is certain from the label on the verso of the board is that this board with its plan and perspectives was exhibited at the Exhibition of British Architecture, Paris, May 1914, in the Modern Work Section.