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Eaton Hall, Cheshire: room between the great drawing room and saloon

Waterhouse, Alfred (1830-1905)
NOTES: Commissioned by the 3rd Earl Grosvenor (later the 1st Duke of Westminster from 1874), this lavish mansion was designed to display his enormous wealth. It comprised 150 bedrooms, massive stables, huge kennels and a chapel. Deemed too costly and large to maintain by the trustees of the Westminster estate, the mansion was demolished in 1961, leaving only the chapel and the stable block. A smaller house was built on the edge of the footprint of the old building in 1967.

Blickling Hall, Norfolk: design for a fireplace in the library

Pollen, John Hungerford (1820-1902)

Tywyn Pendre station on the Talyllyn Railway, Tywyn: booking office

NOTES: The Talyllyn Railway, built as one of a number of narrow-gauge lines in north and mid Wales in the 19th century to carry slate, is now a steam-operated railway run by volunteers since 1951.

Adcote: the hall

Shaw, Richard Norman (1831-1912)

Palazzo Ducale, Urbino: the Duke's bedroom

Ferrucci, Francesco di Simone (1437-1493)
NOTES: This palace was built for the Duke of Urbino, Federico da Montefeltro, between 1444 and 1472. Luciano Laurana from Dalmatia was appointed chief architect in 1468. The decorative carving was executed by the Florentine sculptors Domenico Rosselli and Francesco Ferrucci.

Hotel van Eetvelde, 4 Avenue Palmerston, Brussels

Horta, Victor Baron (1861-1947)

'Torilla', Nast Hyde, Hatfield, Hertfordshire: the fireplace and staircase

Yorke, Francis Reginald Stevens (1906-1962)

Shangri-la, Milvil Road, Lee-on-Solent

Yorke, Francis Reginald Stevens (1906-1962)

Sandhouse, Witley, Surrey: the entrance hall decorated with the coloured frieze by Godfrey Blount

Blount, Godfrey (1859-1910)
NOTES: Built for the politician Joseph King, this house has latterly been known as 'Kingwood'. Godfrey Blount, a friend of C. R. Ashbee, set up with his wife Ethel Hine, The Haslemere Peasant Industries in I896 to revive local craft traditions. This frieze was later removed.