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Steam driven roundabout, Westington Green, Chipping Campden

NOTES: This is a postcard reproduction. The original image was taken in 1910 on Westington Green, Chipping Campden, by a local professional photographer, Jesse Taylor. It shows the Oxfordshire showman Henry Ayers’ steam-driven roundabout. The ride was built by the Tewkesbury engineer, Thomas Walker. The original negative of this and many others taken by Jesse Taylor are in the possession of the Campden & District Historical & Archaeological Society.

Agricultural show, west of England

NOTES: Both Ivy de Wolfe and Ivor de Wolfe took photographs, although the majority were taken by Ivy. As this photograph is signed I de Wolfe, it is uncertain which of the two was responsible.

Riesenrad (Giant Wheel), Prater Park, Vienna

Bassett, Walter Bassett (1864-1907)
NOTES: A giant ferris wheel, it was at 64.75 metres (212 ft) tall the world's tallest extant wheel after the demolition of the Grande Roue in Paris in 1920, up until 1985. It was constructed by Lieutenant Walter Bassett Bassett, an English engineer in 1897.