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Eric de Maré: The Functional Tradition

Eric de Maré described architectural photography as “building with light” emphasizing the close relationship between the two disciplines of photography and architecture since 1839. He concentrated on previously neglected aspects of architecture particularly vernacular and industrial subjects which he and Jim Richards (editor of The Architectural Review) called the ‘Functional Tradition’. Through the pages of the AR this broadened our perception of where architecture might be found and culminated in the publication of 'The Functional Tradition in Early Industrial Buildings' (1958) written by Richards and largely illustrated with de Maré’s photographs.

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St Chad's Mission Church, Blists Hill, Ironbridge, Shropshire

NOTES: Formerly at Granville Colliery, this prefabricated corrugated iron chapel was moved to Blists Hill, part of the Ironbridge Gorge Museums, in 1977.

Buxton railway station, Derbyshire with steam locomotive

Paxton, Sir Joseph (1803-1865)

Margam Steel Works (Abbey Works) for The Steel Company of Wales Limited, Port Talbot, West Glamorgan: the number 5 blast furnace

NOTES: Margam Steel Works, originally and colloquially known as the "Abbey Works", was a modern integrated steelworks which began production in 1953, although most of the works had been built by 1951. This is one of the two new furnaces built in the 1950s. Once the new number 4 and 5 furnaces began production, the older furnaces, numbers 1 and 2 built in the 1920s, were demolished. The number 3 furnace, built in 1941, was retained as a stand-by.

Willington A Power Station under construction, Derbyshire

Farmer & Dark
NOTES: Two coal-fired power stations, Willington A and B, were built on this site by the River Trent during the 1950s. Station A closed in 1995 and B in 1999 when everything except the cooling towers was demolished.