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Eric de Maré: Scandinavia

Although Eric de Maré was born in England, his parents were Swedish and he enjoyed a lifelong fascination with Scandinavia, becoming regarded as an authority on Swedish architecture. He made frequent trips there and wrote about it, for The Architectural Review as well as penning 'Scandinavia: Sweden, Denmark and Norway' (1952) and the monograph, 'Gunnar Asplund' (1955).

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Old town hall (Gamla radhuset), Lidkoping

NOTES: This building was constructed as a hunting lodge in the park around Lacko, but was moved twenty years later, in 1672, to the new town of Lidkoping to serve as its town hall. After a fire in 1960 the building was faithfully reconstructed, although it no longer serves as the town hall.

County offices, Mariestad

Anshelm, Klas (1914-1980)

St Saviour's Church, Copenhagen: roofs of cruciform church seen from the tower

Haven, Lambert van (1630-1695)
NOTES: The church dates from 1682-96; Thurah's spire with steps running around the outside was designed in 1750.

Lighthouse and lock gates at Sjotorp, the beginning of the Gota Canal on the eastern shore of Lake Vanern

Ericson, Nils (1802-1870)
NOTES: Thomas Telford was initially engaged by the King of Sweden to oversee the building of the canal which began in 1810 and was officially inaugurated in 1832. Nils Ericson was appointed leader of the canal project in 1824.