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Forth Road Bridge, Queensferry

Freeman Fox & Partners

Designs for garden furniture and bridges

SOURCE: Gijsbert van Laar. Magazijn van tuin-sieraaden (Amsterdam [1819?]), pl. X

Grossmunster, the Munsterbrucke bridge and the Helmhaus, Zurich

Bluntschli, Alfred F. (1842-1930)
NOTES: The Grossmunster towers were added in 1492 and the domes in 1787. The Munsterbrucke bridge and the Helmhaus are by Bluntschli and were completed in 1794.

Castel Sant'Angelo (the Mausoleum of Hadrian), Rome, seen from Lungotevere Tor di Nona

NOTES: Castel Sant'Angelo was originally constructed as a mausoleum for the Emperor Hadrian in 135-139 AD. The bridge, built at the same time to connect the mausoleum to the Campus Martius, was named Ponte Elio (Pons Aelius). When the mausoleum became a castle in 401 AD, it was renamed Castel Sant'Angelo and the bridge took the same name.

Stourhead, Wiltshire: view of the Pantheon across the lake with the turf bridge

Flitcroft, Henry (1697-1769)
NOTES: Henry Hoare II, a banker who had been on the Grand Tour, inherited Stourhead in 1741and was largely responsible for the design of the gardens. He employed Henry Flitcroft to design many of the garden buildings in the 1740s. The River Stour was dammed to form the great lake and was completed in 1757. The Pantheon, also designed by Henry Flitcroft, was built in 1756.

Elliptical bridge in stone over the Macclesfield Canal, near Congleton, Cheshire

Crosley, William, Jnr. (fl.1802-1830s)
NOTES: Work on this canal began at Bollington in 1826 and was completed at Hall Green in 1831. Its route was surveyed by Thomas Telford and its construction was engineered by William Crosley.

Tamar suspension bridge, seen from Saltash, Cornwall

Cleveland Bridge & Engineering Company