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Widnes-Runcorn Bridge (renamed Silver Jubilee Bridge), River Mersey at Runcorn Gap, Cheshire

Mott Hay & Anderson
NOTES: This is a compression arch suspended-deck bridge and is the largest of its type in Britain. It crosses the River Mersey at Runcorn Gap and the Manchester Ship Canal linking the towns of Widnes and Runcorn. Constructed between 1954 and 1961, it replaced Britain's first transporter bridge, later demolished, and was renamed the Silver Jubilee Bridge in 1977. It is Grade II listed.

25 de Abril Bridge, Lisbon

Morrow, Irving (1884-1952)
NOTES: Said to be the longest suspension bridge in Europe and was designed by the same team as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Franciso.It was inaugurated on the 6 August 1966 and was named Salazar Bridge, after Antonio de Oliveira Salazar, dictator of Portugal until 1974. After the Carnation Revolution that took place on the 25 April 1974 and SalazarÔÇÖs regime was overturned, the Bridge was renamed after that date.

Esplanade, Theatres on the Bay, Singapore

Michael Wilford & Partners

Esplanade, Theatres on the Bay, Singapore

Michael Wilford & Partners

Montage images from 'Civilia' (proposed new city in Warwickshire) created for a special issue of the 'Architectural review', June 1971

NOTES: The magazine refers to Nuneaton as being the proposed site for the new city.

Bridge of Sighs, Hertford College, Oxford

Jackson, Sir Thomas Graham (1835-1924)