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Drawing rooms

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Eaton Hall, Cheshire: room between the great drawing room and saloon

Waterhouse, Alfred (1830-1905)
NOTES: Commissioned by the 3rd Earl Grosvenor (later the 1st Duke of Westminster from 1874), this lavish mansion was designed to display his enormous wealth. It comprised 150 bedrooms, massive stables, huge kennels and a chapel. Deemed too costly and large to maintain by the trustees of the Westminster estate, the mansion was demolished in 1961, leaving only the chapel and the stable block. A smaller house was built on the edge of the footprint of the old building in 1967.

Holly Mount, Amersham Road, Knotty Green, Buckinghamshire: the drawing room

Voysey, Charles Francis Annesley (1857-1941)

Design for the Great Drawing Room in Montagu House, 22 Portland Square, London

Bonomi, Joseph (1739-1808)
NOTES: This drawing was exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, in 1783 (number 435).

Design for a drawing room

Bonomi, Joseph (1739-1808)
NOTES: The drawing is for an elevation of a window wall and bears a superficial resemblance to the design for Mrs Montague's 'Great Room', 22 Portman Square, London.

Petworth House: music trophy in the Carved Room

Gibbons, Grinling (1648-1721)

Wilton House, Wilton: the Single Cube Room

De Caus, Isaac (d. 1656?)
NOTES: This room served as the withdrawing room to the Double Cube Room. The names of the Single and Double Cube Rooms stem from their dimensions: the Single Cube is 30 feet long by 30 feet wide by 30 feet high; the Double Cube is 60 feet long by 30 feet wide by 30 feet high.

Hotel Lambert, Ile Saint Louis, Paris: the salon

Le Brun, Charles (1619-1690)
NOTES: This town house, built for the financier Jean-Baptiste Lambert, was designed by Louis Le Vau. Eustache le Sueur and Charles Le Brun were responsible for the interior decoration, notably the Galerie d'Hercule.