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Drawing instruments

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Various drawings instruments

SOURCE: George Adams. Geometrical and graphical essays, containing a description of the mathematical instruments used in geometry, civil and military surveying, levelling and perspective (London, 1791), p. XI


Farey, John

Design for a sextant with accompanying notes

Parke, Henry (1790-1835)
NOTES: An inscription mentions that the instrument was 'made by Robinson'.

Caricature depicting a confrontation between Sir Edwin Lutyens and Sir Herbert Baker: both men are shown brandishing drawing instruments and have drawing boards strapped to their bodies

Baker, Sir Herbert (1862-1946)
NOTES: This caricature probably relates to Lutyens's dispute with Baker during the designing of the Viceroy's House, New Delhi, around 1914. The conflict between the two architects arose around the positioning of the structure and the gradient of the approaching road, which did not allow for an unobstructed view of the Viceroy's House. This drawing is signed by W.H. Nicholls, who was the architect of the Imperial Delhi Committee from 1913 to 1917.

Design for the title page of the Architectural Association Sketch Book, Volume 4, featuring a central illustration of Nuremberg's castle and Medieval buildings

NOTES: The design features vignettes of Salisbury Cathedral, Laon Cathedral, Bamberg Cathedral and the Basilica of San Marco, Venice. The decorative border includes illustrations of Medieval architects, masons and sculptors at work.

Two artists using a perspective instrument to draw a statue

SOURCE: Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola. Le Due regole della prospettiva pratica (Rome, 1583), fig. [86], p. 60


NOTES: The architect Rodney Tatchell may have used this T-square when making the drawings for his essay 'The Manor Houses of Sussex', which was awarded the RIBA Silver Medal in 1931.