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Door furniture

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Pilkington Brothers Limited offices and showrooms, Selwyn House, St James's, London: the reception desk seen through the glass plate wall

Cheesman, Kenneth (1900-1964)
NOTES: Occupying four floors of Selwyn House, these premises were converted for the glass manufacturers Pilkingtons, by George Fairweather. The interiors of the reception hall, conference room and showroom were designed by Kenneth Cheesman.

Borough Offices, Angel Hill, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk: close-up of finger plates depicting oak and beech trees

Cooper, Francis (1906-1980)
NOTES: The door finger plates mounted on red leather were designed and executed by the craftsman and brass engraver Francis Cooper.

Door knocker, Brougham Hall, Penrith, Cumbria

NOTES: Of 12th century design, four examples of this door knocker exist: two at Durham, made in bronze, and two at Brougham, made in iron. The Brougham ring, a replica of the Durham Sanctuary Door Knocker, was cast in 1844.

Working drawings for the chapel furniture and fittings, Ashridge Park, Hertfordshire, for the 7th Earl of Bridgewater: lock ring for the chapel doors

Wyatt, James (1746-1813)
NOTES: Wyatville (while still plain Jeffry Wyatt) was employed to alter a small house at Ashridge for the 7th Earl of Bridgewater while the new house designed by his uncle James Wyatt II began construction. After his uncle died Jeffry took over as architect in 1814 and designed large extensions to the east and west sides of the new house.