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Chiswick House, London: the entrance front by night

Burlington, Richard Boyle, 3rd Earl of (1694-1753)
NOTES: Richard Boyle, 3rd Earl of Burlington and 4th Earl of Cork, refronted the existing Chiswick House and designed and built the adjoining villa to display his art collection and entertain friends in 1727-1729. He was inspired on his grand tour by Palladio's Villa Capra 'La Rotonda' near Vicenza.

Hinksey Path, Lesnes, Thamesmead, Greenwich, London: children's playground

Greater London Council. Department of Architecture & Civic Design
NOTES: This is one of the images taken for 'Manplan 8: Housing' in Architectural Review, vol. 148, September 1970. Thamesmead was planned in 1965-1966 as a new town on the riverside marshes of south-east London between Plumstead and Erith. It was scheduled for completion in 1974 but was never fully finished and the projected population of 60,000 for the new town was downgraded to 45,000 by the end of the 1970s. From then around 400 houses were being built annually and by 1982, the population stood at 20,000. Since 2014 the managment and regeneration of the area has come under the aegis of Peabody.

Bluewater shopping centre, Dartford, Kent

Eric R. Kuhne & Associate

Reichstag, Berlin: the dome seen from the terrace

Foster & Partners
NOTES: The Reichstag has been the seat of the Bundestag since April 1999. The original 1894 building (architect Paul Wallot), was damaged by a fire in 1933 and bombed severely during World War II, leaving it gutted. After reunification, Foster & Partners were commissioned to redesign a new parliament for the Bundestag inside the shell of the old building, creating a new dome in the process.

Villa Rotonda (Villa Almerico Capra), Vicenza: plan, half elevation and half section

Palladio, Andrea (1508-1580)
SOURCE: Andrea Palladio. I Quattro libri dell'architettura (Venice, 1601), book II, p. 19 NOTES: This third edition of Palladio's 'Quattro libri' contains the same woodcut illustrations as the publication's first edition in 1570.

Millennium Dome, Greenwich, London, by night

Richard Rogers Partnership